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Backyard Pergola FAQs: What you need to know before building or buying a pergola.

There are many things homeowners should know about pergolas. We will be answering the most common questions that we receive as an aluminum pergola builder in Burlington County.

A pergola can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. It also adds an area to relax after a hard day.


Let’s get into answering your pergola questions

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Why are pergolas so popular?

Pergolas are one of the most popular luxury outdoor structures in recent years. This trend is not slowing down. Pergolas are not a fad. It’s all about the way they transform backyard spaces. Pergolas have many benefits, from practical to stylistic.

Pergola benefits:

  • Multiple Materials and Looks
  • Get as much shade as you want
  • Sleek Vertical Profile
  • Custom Sizes
  • Potential for Privacy
  • They work in any space

Can a pergola improve the home’s value?

Yes, a pergola can increase the market value of any house. The value of properties that have a pergola or an outdoor area has increased as outdoor living is more popular than ever. For your return on investment, a deck or backyard renovation is a safe bet. It should yield between 50% and 80%. Your pergola could earn even more if it is purchased by the right buyer. It might be what attracts future buyers to your house.

Is it more expensive to buy or build a pergola?

Building a pergola is less expensive than purchasing a prefabricated one or hiring an expert pergola builder. To ensure your pergola lasts and adds maximum value, however, you will need to have the right tools and expertise.

Are aluminum pergolas expensive? How much do pergolas cost?

Pergolas are a great way to create livable space in your backyard. They’re much cheaper than other outdoor structures. There are many factors that influence the cost of pergolas. Material, size, and style are just a few of them.

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What should you look for when purchasing a pergola?

Pergolas are a great addition to any home, but you should be aware of a few things before you purchase or construct a pergola.


  • Material: Vinyl, Wood, & Aluminum
  • Size: Available in standard sizes and custom dimensions
  • Placement: In which area will the pergola be built?
  • Design: Which styles are you most fond of?
  • Do it yourself or hire a professional to install one?

What material is the best for pergolas?

A pergola adds a beautiful touch to your backyard. You now have one question: What is the best pergola material? Most likely, you will choose between aluminum, vinyl, and wood.

Wood is durable, but it requires the most care. Vinyl is beautiful when it’s first built, but it doesn’t last as long as aluminum. Vinyl can also be damaged by the sun. Aluminum is strong and attractive, which makes it the best of both. Aluminum is the best material to use for pergolas.

How long does a pressure treated wood pergola last?

A wooden pergola will give you a rustic look. You’ll need to maintain your wood pergola, as with any other outdoor wood structure. Wood is susceptible to mold, rot, and needs to be stained every few years in order to create a protective layer. A pressure-treated wood pergola is a great option for homeowners. It can last up to 10-12 year before you notice structural problems.

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How long can aluminum pergolas last?

Lifetime warranty. Aluminum pergolas are a cost-effective and attractive choice. How long can aluminum pergolas last? The extruded aluminum pergolas are extremely durable and can last a lifetime without cracking, warping or fading.

Extruded aluminum is not the same as metal pergolas that you can find at hardware stores, Home Depot and other big-box stores.

What sizes do pergolas come in?

When building a pergola, there are some key points that you should consider. It is similar to building a room outdoors without walls. You will need to determine the desired height, width and length. To ensure that you don’t crowd the backyard, you need to also consider the amount of space you have.


Common Pergola Sizes

Pergolas are available in sizes ranging from 8 by 8 feet to 20 by 20 feet.

What’s the difference between a pergola or a pavilion?


A pergola is a structure with an open roof, while a pavilion is a structure with a covered roof. You can add or remove roof covers to allow in as much sun as you like. You have many options for pergola roofs.

Can a pergola provide shade?

Pergolas provide shade, even though they appear unfinished. A pergola can provide shade depending on the size and spacing of its rafter beams. However, a pergola by itself cannot be shaded completely. It must not have louvered shutters.

There are pros as well as cons to this.

Even though you won’t have full shade, it will be possible to see the sky at night and the stars. You can cover the beams with fabric if you want the space to be completely shaded. A climbing plant with dense, lush blossoms and thick leaves can add shade to your pergola.

Can pergolas be protected from rain?

While most pergolas do not offer protection from rain, the louvered slat roofing pergolas are the best. They are waterproof and come with gutter systems.


Louvered roof pergolas allow the sun to shine through, or they can be closed to provide shade. You can leave them open to enjoy the sky, or close them if you are expecting a storm. Yes! Our pergolas can provide protection from the rain.

What’s the difference between a pergola cover and a patio covering?

Patio covers provide shade protection 100%, while pergolas offer partial shade and  some add full shade.


Both can be attached to your home. A patio cover ceiling cannot be opened. This is the main difference.


There you have it. These are the most common questions about pergola construction. This information will help you choose the right pergola for you. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

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