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Concrete Patio Replacement FAQs

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Questions to Ask Your Patio Replacement Contractor.

When our concrete contractors go out to do patio replacement estimates and consultation for customers, they get asked a lot of questions. Here are the top questions they get asked and they should be ones you are asking your patio replacement contractor.

How much experience do you have?

Using websites like Angie’s List and ours to look up reviews on local concrete contractors is a good starting place. Don’t be shy about interviewing them to make sure the company is a good fit for your patio project.


Do they have a portfolio or gallery of your previous patios they replaced or built?

Most patio contractors will be show you pictures on their phone or direct you to their website.


Do they have references?

If the contractor giving you a quote hesitates to offer contact information for past customers, you may want to find another contractor.


How soon can you start my patio repalcement project?

A good concrete finishing company has a busy schedule. If you want a quick turnaround, make sure the contractor you select can meet your deadline.


How long will my patio replacement take?

Small to medium concrete patio projects should take 2-3 days. Weather permitting. For larger patio projects or ones with more details a week is the norm. 


Will building permits need to be pulled to construct my concrete patio?

Yes, Each location has its own laws governing building codes and permits. Depending on your municipality nearly all concrete work requires permits. All township ordinances include the minimum state regulations for concrete work. In most towns, replacing an existing concrete patio does not require surveying or zoning.


Will you be reinforcing the concrete with rebar?

They should explain to you whether the expected weight, usage and sub-base on your patio project justifies a need for rebar reinforcement. Most use perimeter rebar as a safeguard. 


Do you have insurance and worker comp insurance on the workers that will work on my patio?

Make sure all concrete finishers, laborers and any other workers are covered in case of an injury. You will also want to be named as an additional insured party on the contractors insurance.


Do you have a written contract and do you guarantee your work in writing?

Should the bottom fall out of the project, before, during or after. You both should be covered in WRITING. It’s important to have a written agreement regarding project scope of work, budget/payments and responsibilities.

In New Jersey, all home improvement projects require a written contract.

These are the common questions our concrete patio companies get asked the most and for good reason. When contracting out your patio replacement, follow these questions and ask them.

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