Home Repair in Cinnaminson, NJ

Finding a local handyman service in Cinnaminson, New Jersey to do small repairs around the house shouldn’t be hard. Our handyman do all types of home repairs. They are insured handymen and have a home improvement contractor’s license in New Jersey, it’s the law. They do everything from crawlspace repairs to repairs in your attic and more. 

With Burlington County Home Services, finding a handyman is as easy as filling out a handyman quote form on this website. Our New Jersey Handyman companies are local to you and have great reviews and ratings. They also have references.

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Deck repairs and more in Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Basement Repairs in Cinnaminson, NJ

Our home repair specialists will crawl in a basement to replace a sump pump, fix foundation cracks, install floor insulation or fix a basement window or foundation vent. No need to get spider webs on you, simply contact our handyman.

They will do the dirt work and make sure it is done properly. Crawl spaces, foundations, basement repairs and more. 

sump pump replacement, handyman repairs
Sump pump replacements.

Common basement & crawl space repairs in Cinnaminson, NJ

  • Sump pump replacement
  • Install floor insulation
  • Repair foundation cracks
  • Termite damage repair
  • Fix basement window
  • Install or repair foundation vents
  • Repair floor joists
  • Add additional floor joist support beams
  • And More

Get your home foundation repairs done today!

Exterior Home Repairs in Cinnaminson

Did the wind blow off a piece of siding? Maybe you have a small roof repair? No matter what repair you have on the outside of your home, our handyman experts are here to serve. From sealing off holes with spray foam to replacing a cap shingle on the roof ridge of your home, you will be pleased with their work.

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Gutter repair, cleaning and replacement.

Types of exterior home repairs our handyman fix, repair or install in Burlington Township, New Jersey

  • siding repairs
  • windows & screens
  • entry doors
  • fence & gate
  • storm doors
  • door knobs & deadbolts
  • garage doors & garage door openers
  • decks, deck boards, railings, posts & steps
  • gutters, gutter guards and gutter cleaning
  • downspouts, downspout extensions & splash blocks
  • front porch rails, lights & steps
  • small concrete repairs
  • shutters and window boxes
  • roof repairs, chimney flashing & plumbing pipe flashing 
  • chimney repairs
  • painting
  • And more

Home repairs can be dangerous. Who likes being on a ladder or roof? Using our handyman services could save you from injuries or worse. Let them do the hazardous home repairs, while you watch safely from the ground. Contact us today to hire a handyman for your projects.

Handyman to Fix Home Interiors

Do you have a stuck door? How about a loose piece of trim that needs fixed? Our handyman contractors provide a long honey do list of repair services. Best part is your handyman lives in your area, so if an emergency repair happens, they are close by to fix your home.

home repairman, home repairs, install vents
Fix home interior items, like cabinets, doors & more.

Common types of interior home services our handyman services fix in Cinnaminson, New Jersey

  • TV wall mount installation
  • interior doors & door knobs
  • closest doors & shelves
  • caulk bathrooms
  • hang curtains, blinds & shades
  • kitchen cabinet repairs
  • counter repairs
  • install vents in bathrooms & kitchen stove vents
  • install moldings & trim
  • handrails and grab bars
  • repair flooring
  • shower doors
  • toilet replacement & repair
  • closet storage systems
  • attic insulation, vents & attic pull down stairs
  • drywall repairs
  • and more

Enjoy your weekends, take back your time. Let our professional handyman do the home maintenance & repair chores for you. Get a fast, fair handyman quote today!

IKEA Furniture and Other Assembly Services

Ikea is a great place to buy furniture, cabinetry and other household items. Too bad they come unassembled. So, if you need any household items assembled; such as a vanity cabinet, a pantry or other home goods you ordered online, put together, contact us today.

Handman to assemble furniture, IKEA assembly
Assembling furniture and more.

Most often assembled products our handyman put together

  • daybed
  • dressers
  • storage beds
  • wall mount units
  • wardrobes
  • cabinetry & vanities


Assembling IKEA items can be tricky even with the right tools and instructions. Let our handyman remove the stress and frustrations. Get a handyman price quote today!

Home Accessibility for Elderly and Physically Disabled Handyman Services

Having a home that is functional for seniors as they age or making your home easier to live in when handicapped is important to quality of life. We feel honored to provide services to homeowners who want to stay at home and live in place. From floor modifications to aid in walking or wheelchair mobility, installing a grab bar or handrail. We make ADA Recommended Home Modifications.

ADA ramps, Handicapped ramp construction
We make living at home easier.

Our senior and disabled living space services in Cinnaminson, NJ

  • widening doorways
  • non-slip flooring
  • grab bars and handrails
  • pull down shelving
  • flush entry at exterior doors
  • ADA ramps
  • lowering light switches, countertops and vanities
  • raising toilet heights
  • touchless, pull out and lever faucets
  • scald guards
  • slip resistant shower and tub floors
  • handheld shower heads and adjustable shower heads
  • installing chair lifts
  • making garages ADA compliant
  • and more

If you want to live in place like so many other homeowners and retirees, then our local handyman services in Burlington, New Jersey are here to help make that happen. Some services come with senior discounts and if there is a program for financial aid, we will guide you to the right steps to take. Get an affordable handyman estimate, from a company you can trust.

Handyman Home Repair Cinnaminson, New Jersey

When a home repair gets added to your to-do list and you don’t have the time, tools or experience. Turn to the handyman pros at Burlington County Home Services.They assemble, fix, install, repair or replace most items in your home. Get your handyman projects quoted and done, so you can enjoy life.

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